November 28, 2019

It’s that time of year once again and we think to ourselves, what is the point of Thanksgiving.

Below we talk about some of the benefits of Thanksgiving each year…


1) Brings Family Together 

All year we are all busy occupied with school and work. Thanksgiving is one of the times of year where it brings us all back together to get away from the school and work life and gives us a chance to spend time with the people who love us and who we grew up with.


2) Gives Us A Chance to Be Thankful for All We Have 

Along with being able to come together with family and friends after so long another benefit is that we can take the time out to realize how much we have and actually take the time to be thankful for being able to spend time with loved ones which surprisingly there are people around the world where they can’t do this.


3) Sweater Weather is Back!

This time of year marks the beginning of sweater weather. All year we worry about the heat and have to wear minimal clothe possible to stay cool but this time of year we are able to put on as much layers as possible to stay warm and look nice.


4) Change in Color 

All year we get to see either yellow trees or grass because of the dry season or just green trees and grass because its wet season. This time of year we get to see all these other colors we don’t see year round due to the weather change and we get to see this beautiful sight with our loved ones.


5) Discounts and Sales

All year sales on everything come and go but the best time of year to buy anything especially with the fact Christmas is right around the corner is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday sales are one of the best sales of all year and it gives us a chance to spend all night with our family and friends to shop around and buy each other gifts!



We hope you see the benefits of Thanksgiving like we do!

If you have some other ideas of the benefits of Thanksgiving, comment below!

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