July 10, 2019

Each and every year there comes a day where we celebrate the birthday of our country. The United States of America’s birthday comes once a year on the 4th of July, usually also known as Independence Day.

In 1776, our founding fathers signed a Declaration of Independence which helped us become free and become an independent nation. With the signing of this declaration, it gave us a nation filled with many cultures, endless opportunities, and exciting holidays that celebrates our freedom, our country, and our summer!

Every 4th of July we do exciting things to celebrate the birth of our nation. Below are some ideas for what you can get for yourself to celebrate our nation’s birth as well as ways to show your support for what was done for us;


1. Red, White & Blue


Whether you live in the U.S.A or you live outside of the nation, you love the U.S.A. You might love it for its freedom, for its people, or just for the touristy destinations. Why not get the United States Flag to show your support!


2. Cool drinks


Planning on doing a picnic, family gathering, or camping for the 4thof July? You’ll need drinks for these activities. What better way to look fancy and keep your drinks cool, than getting yourself an Outdoor Wooden Beverage Cooler.  


3. Support the Veterans


Our freedom wasn’t earned by just asking for it. We had to go out there and fight for our independence. People had to sacrifice their lives to give us what we have today. Remember the people who sacrificed their lives and the ones who are around today, who helped fight for our freedom and think about them as we celebrate!


4. Freedom doesn’t come for free


To this day, we have people who sacrifice their lives to make sure we continue living in our independent country. Do you know someone who is out their giving it their all? Get yourself a travel mug that tells the people around you wherever you go, that you support the ones who fight for you and this drink is for them!


5. To our hero


Our nation was built off of people fighting for us. We should never forget them. Our loved ones aren’t the only ones fighting to keep us protected and independent from outside of the United States. We have people who fight for us locally too. To protect and serve us when we need from terror within!



We hope this guide to celebrate our independence helped. If your still undecided and need more ideas to make your holiday an exciting one or to show your support for the people who helped build this nation, visit Canvas Freaks for more ideas!


Happy Independence Day!