October 08, 2019

We made it! 

Its officially fall and we are on the path for the end of the year!

This is one of the greatest seasons to look forward too and it begins with Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that spreads joy to people but one of the things it also does is harm the environment.

Here are some tips on how to take care of our environment while still having a great Halloween…


1) The Halloween Costume 

One of the best and most entertaining things about Halloween is the fact that you get to dress up. From a child to adult, everyone gets to dress up into whatever they would like. Whether it’s a pirate, superhero, villain, or an animal we all want our costume to be the best.

With the making of all these clothe every year, we tend to waste a lot of material to make these costumes and then we never use it again or we throw them away. One thing we can do to prevent all of these clothe from being wasted is we can use the old clothe we already have sitting in our closets to make costumes.


2) The Personal Care Products

Another part of the fun of Halloween is doing makeup and your hair. Instead of spending a lot of money and buying harmful products for the environment, you can buy eco-friendly and organic Halloween makeup kit. Also, instead of buying a wig which you’ll use most likely once and then throw away, you can use eco-friendly hair dye.


3) Organic Candy

Every year we go out to trick-or-treat and every year we come back with a ton of candy. This year however, to reduce the carbon footprint, you should give out organic candy. They are much healthier for everyone who trick-or-treats and for the environment.


4) Candy Wrappers

Whether you choose to get organic candy or regular brand name candies, they all come with wrappers. No matter how much candy you get, the wrappers have to go somewhere and that could lead to a lot of wrappers in the trash. The more wrappers in the trash, means the more harm for the environment. Instead what you can do with the wrappers this year, is either recycle them or you can use them for candy wrapper DIY projects.


Have any more ideas on how we can have an eco-friendly Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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Happy Halloween and have fun trick-or-treating!